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Inspiring Idaho Teachers

My dear friend Simon Miller, tech guy extraordinaire, innovative teacher, dedicated husband (and father of four), and one of my honorary brothers, was interviewed two weeks ago for a podcast dedicated to honoring inspiring educators/unsung heroes. Anyone who knows Simon would agree that he is most definitely an inspiring educator, whether he's teaching high school students, the faculty and staff of the Kellogg School District, or his many friends (like me), who turn to him in times of technological need. You can enjoy his interview here:

Coach Miller then nominated the brilliant Tammy McMorrow to be interviewed the following week. If you don't know Tammy's blog and you're an educator or a parent (or just alive), you should check it out: Forever in First.

Tammy and I go back a few years, too . . . to the day she was born. She is my cousin, my second-best friend, the best singer I know, and my CD-making partner in crime. Tam's inspiring interview is here:

And finally, Tammy generously nominated me to be interviewed this week. You can hear my interview here:


  1. Oh well, I'm not so sure I was being generous. You were simply the obvious choice.


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