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Leap of Faith

For most of the last four years (since my last CD came out), I have had a vision of what I want the next CD to be like.

I have pursued that vision through myriad obstacles. 

I scheduled time in the studio and then stoically accepted the news that the timing wasn't right for my producer/engineer. 

I saved the money necessary to make it happen . . . and after three years of watching it not happen, I spent most of that savings on another dream--a grand piano. I'm not sorry for the piano, but I do feel the lack.

I selected songs and discarded them, wrote songs and then threw them away (often half-done). I questioned if I have any great songs in me . . . songs that will inspire people of all ages to sing.

I contemplated giving up on this vision, but every time I came close, some watery fleece showed up in my path. 

And so, tomorrow I am back in the studio. I am back with too little money, with not quite enough songs, with a vision that is much less certain than it was three years ago. 

I can't help but believe this is where God wanted me all along: depending on the one who "owns the cattle on a thousand hills," depending on the songs to show up when I need them (like the new one that's been in my head for a week--but is still not quite finished!), depending on the God "who is able to keep me from falling," and feeling certain that I will find joy in this journey.


  1. I think God is going to do exceedingly, abundantly, beyond what you can ask or think. The time is right!

    1. Thank you, Carol! Feel the same way about the dreams that I know are burgeoning in your heart.

  2. All in His perfect timing. He is so faithful and you serve Him with your whole heart. It is going to be an amazing CD. Sing like never before, my lovely friend.

  3. I'm looking forward to hearing what's in your head.


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