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Going Public (again)

New year--new blog. After nearly a year's absence from my blog at, I am ready to enter, yet again, into this strange world of going public with private thoughts.  For now, I have given up on finding the perfect template, the ultimate subtitle, the ideal font.  It's time to stop stalling.  It's time to write.

This photo was taken by my dear friend and honorary brother, Simon, about a year ago. This is Kellogg, Idaho, town of my birth. Even though I left Kellogg nearly a decade ago, it still has a hold on my heart. This is where I learned to sing with passion and to write the songs God poured into my head and my heart. This is where I taught for the first 15 years of my nearly 25-year career. And this is where I ran, and ran, and ran. 

I am starting this new year, this 2012 (30 years after my graduation from Kellogg High School) with renewed passion for singing, teaching, and running. I'll write about those passions, and whatever else strikes my fancy, for the next month.  (I'm sticking with that short-term goal for now.) 

And now for the hard part . . . going to push that "publish post" button.


  1. I believe I am your first official follower. I'm looking forward to your posts. Those happen to be three things I enjoy too.

  2. Hey Laurie and Tammy,
    I will be your second follower...maybe it will make me keep two are inspirational!! =)

  3. Thanks, Nikki! It's great to hear from you, my friend!

  4. Good luck. I will look forward to your posts.

  5. I look forward to reading more of your private thoughts made public.

  6. Love the first post. I would like to try to blog (read and write) more regularly. I'm hoping to spend less time on FB and more time blogging. Amy has kept our blog updated very well. I hope to continue to contribute there and spin off another blog as well. Here is to a fantastic 2012 Coach R.

  7. So happy to visit your new blog! I'm looking forward to reading more!

  8. I'll follow! And maybe, one day, I'll even venture into the fray myself.


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